34.4 Formation and Information - Meetings increased


Attempts of imitation 
We advise all customers to the presence of clones and imitations of some of our historians a CTS-branded product, which unfortunately does not match the original CTS product and it cannot boast the references and bibliographic claims supplied by us. We invite you to be wary of CTS branded products purchased from unofficial commercial structures and packed in anonymous containers without printing free of our CTS historic label stating the product code, lot number, the main features and all the security information. Please also note that our products are accompanied by safety data sheet and writing on company letterhead CTS. For all technical and scientific information and possible doubts on the originality of the products on the market, you can refer to Dr. Leonardo Borgioli (leonardo.borgioli @ ctseurope.com).  

The complex plastic

It is a difficult material because it is an extremely variable in its composition. It is becoming more and more frequently the subject of restoration, and for this reason it would be advisable know it better. The occasion is the new "Talent" published by The Meadow of Padua, titled: "The age of plastic", Artistic and Industrial and The new material". The author Roberta Verteramo, expert in the field of contemporary art, browse the different types of materials used in the field of art and design, both from a chemical point of view of production methods. As always you can find the book in each subsidiary of CTS   Seminar in Acre   As part of a specialization course in restoration of the Technion in Haifa held in Acre (ancient Acre), the head of the Technical CTS Leonardo Borgioli held a seminar focusing on the products and equipment. We thank Professor Jacques Neguer for the opportunity to strengthen ties between the world of restoration between Italian and Israeli.     

Art Laser at work in Switzerland 
The restorer Ina Link, in Rathausgasse 22 in the city of Aargau, for the first time using the technology for cleaning Laser Art Baroque mural in its region. Since traditional methods have been discarded, it was decided to try the laser cleaning; it is still unknown in Aargau. The result has aroused great enthusiasm among all the players involved. <<I'm excited>>, says Link, <<it is better and faster, but it also does not cause damage>>. The rays are only jumping the first layer of dark soot, allowing precision work. <<It is a game of patience, an exploration>>, says in a Link, <<we must go forward millimeter by millimeter. However, this is addictive as always something beautiful emerges>>. We invite you to view the video at the following link:  http://www.aargauerzeitung.ch/aargau/aarau/barocke-wandgemaelde-unter-laserbeschuss-126168421  

Diffused Museum. The preservation of ancient and contemporary works outdoors
A series of events with the theme of works on display outdoors, take place during the week from April 12 to April 19, 2013, following the most extensive project to promote the image of an urban area. For the third year the CNA Artistic and Traditional Genoa, with the accession of the Delegation FAI Genoa, has organized numerous events, involving centers of excellence for the Genoese, such as the Office of Cultural Heritage, the Museums Diocesan Museum St. Augustine, the University of Genoa with the Department of Chemistry, the Carabinieri Cultural Heritage Protection of Genoa. CTS has also made its contribution, with a speech by Leonardo Borgioli, entitled "New generation products for the protection of ancient and contemporary works of art exhibited outdoors", at a meeting to be held Thursday, April 18, at 15:30, the Museum St. Augustine. The program can be downloaded from the website http://www.cna.ge.it/index.php/comunicati-stampa-cna/160-genova-12-19-aprile-2013-museo-diffuso.html  

New products for antique paintings
Thanks to the careful work of Lucia and Andrea Dori Restoration Workshop, under the direction of Anna Bisceglia (sspsae and the Museums of the City of Florence), was presented as part of the "Return" painting by Horace Riminaldi "Martyrdom of Saint Cecilia." The work has seen a balance between the use of traditional materials and the latest ones, now well documented, such as the Regal Retouching Varnish, the Balsite and colors Gamblin; while the painting was relocated in the Galleria Palatina in Florence, the description of the intervention is also visible on the site www.restituzioni.it.

Meetings in
There are well planned 4 technical meetings in May in Sardinia: two held in Sassari and 2 held in Cagliari. The meetings will be free for customers of CTS. Stay tuned at www.ctseurope.com where we will include all short details (topics, times, locations, and registration).