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Biotin R is a concentrated liquid preparation of active substances to be used, subject to dilution, for the preservation of surfaces like stone materials, mortars, plasters, frescoes, bricks, etc., from microbiological attack and then .
Biotin R is used in solutions in organic solvents - concentrations ranging from 3 to 5%.
Biotin R provides an enduring protection, thanks to its very low solubility in water which allows long-lasting activity also following repeated washouts. Owing to its characteristic of being soluble in organic solvents (both polar such as acetates and apolar such as White Spirit D40), Biotin R proves to be useful not only for the protection of outdoor artifacts but even of supports sensitive to water, e.g. wooden materials, backs of canvas paintings, frescoes containing soluble salts.

Active principle: OIT and Carbamate
Appearance: yellowish liquid
Density: 1.06 kg/l at 20°C
Boiling point: 224°C

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